Description of "VSA" 3D Tolerance Analysis Services

The Validate-3D tolerance analyst assigned to your project will first visit your design team in-person, if possible, to learn about, and become familiar with, your product design.  After the necessary time to become familiar with the product design and your needs for tolerance analysis, the analyst will work either independently in a remote location, or if you prefer, they will work on-site, along side your design team members.

Their work will include taking the “JT” file of your assembly that you provide for them (unless file conversion services by the Validate-3D LLC tolerance analyst are also necessary), for use in Siemens Teamcenter Visualization and Variation Analysis software to model your assembly such that the statistical variation of each tolerance in the particular loop (stack) is varied randomly through its selected statistical variation model, yielding the statistical variation of the output distance or parameter that is the objective of the model.

The “VSA” (a traditional name for this analysis, based upon the software’s original name) analysis software and the PC that it is loaded on, can be either Validate-3D LLC’s equipment and seat of software, or your own company’s equipment and seat of software.

The Validate-3D LLC tolerance analyst will then complete a comprehensive report, showing you the major contributors to variation in the output dimension or parameter of the analysis, the statistical variation of the output dimension or parameter, and also recommendations for design or tolerancing changes to improve the tolerance stack’s effect upon your design.

Please request a quote today, so we can start talking about your design team’s need to validate their 3D CAD design by modeling the manufacturing variation of each component and feature in the assembly in an efficient and useful manner.

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