Our Services

GD&T Training and Consulting With Knowledge of Design, Manufacturing, and Inspection

  • ASME GDTP Senior Level team of GD&T trainers and consultants
  • Member of ASME Y14.5, & Y14.8 Committees
  • Chair of ASME Y14.45 (Measurement Data Reporting) Committee
  • Training materials that provide a complete, indexed reference

3D Tolerance Analysis using "VSA" Software

  • A team of experienced tolerance analysts using Siemens “Variation Simulation Analysis”
    (VSA) software
  • A key advantage of this analysis is to enable you to optimize part cost by focusing resources on key

Applications, Sales, and Support of Kotem Software Products SmartProfile ® and SmartFit 3D ®

  • Working directly with Kotem Software company
  • Gather a “point cloud” of data for your parts from any source, then let SmartProfile software handle
    all the complication, and also cover for the GD&T knowledge that your suppliers may not have,
    to provide clear reporting of valid results
  • Use SmartFit 3D to achieve powerful and flexible 3D best-fitting of your data from any source