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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)

Our team of three ASME certified Senior Level Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Professionals (GDTP) is ready to help you effectively apply GD&T. Our objective is that your parts have unambiguous, practical and measurable tolerance specifications. To help you meet this objective we provide GD&T training and consulting, either online or in-person. In-person consulting and training is desirable due to the efficiency in getting to a common understanding and the variety of visual aides that are available when meeting in-person. Online training has the advantages of zero travel expense and avoiding the information overload that very often occurs during full-day GD&T courses. Online consulting can work very efficiently as you share your screen to show us your CAD assembly, and then we share our screen to show you as we mark up your drawing using a tablet PC.


3D Tolerance stack-up analysis of imperfections in mechanical parts, using Siemens software products for “Variation Simulation Analysis“ (VSA)

We have software and very knowledgeable and experienced analysts that provide sophisticated 3D tolerance analysis of your assembly of mechanical parts. We are ready to help you find the most critical “fit and function” elements of your design, enabling you to optimize the architecture and overall dimensional robustness of your design.


Measurement data analysis and reporting to address GD&T tolerance specifications using Kotem software products “Smart Profile®”, and “SmartFit 3D®”

We provide measurement data analysis and reporting services using Kotem software products. When the amount of analysis is sufficient to justify your purchase of this software, we also provide sales and support services for all Kotem software products.

Senior Level GD&T Professional
Senior Level GD&T Professional
GD&T Training and Consulting With Knowledge of Design, Manufacturing, and Inspection
  • ASME GDTP Senior Level team of GD&T trainers and consultants
  • Member of ASME Y14.5, & Y14.8 Committees
  • Chair of ASME Y14.45 (Measurement Data Reporting) Committee
  • Training materials that provide a complete, indexed reference
3D Tolerance Analysis using "VSA" Software
  • A team of experienced tolerance analysts using Siemens “Variation Simulation Analysis” (VSA) software
  • A key advantage of this analysis is to enable you to optimize part cost by focusing resources on key contributors
Applications, Sales, and
Support of Kotem Software Products SmartProfile® and SmartFit 3D®
  • Working directly with Kotem Software Company
  • Software tools to streamline your data analysis, fitting, and reporting
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Having an instructor who is a member of three ASME standards committees lends an immeasurable amount of credence to his subject matter presentation.
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Dean Watts, ASME GDTP S-0295,
Phone:  512-970-8191