About Us

Validate-3D, LLC - “Best People, Best Performance™”

Validate-3D, LLC (formerly named D3W Engineering) was formed in 2008 by Dean Watts, a mechanical engineer, GD&T trainer, and consultant who is a member of the ASME Y14.5 “Dimensioning and Tolerancing”, Y14.8 “Castings Forgings and Molded Parts” committees, and Chair of the ASME Y14.45 “Measurement Date Reporting” committee.

Validate-3D, LLC provides:
  • GD&T consulting and training,
  • 3D tolerance analysis services using VSA software, and
  • measurement data reporting and analysis services using Kotem software products SmartProfile® and SmartFit 3D®, and also
  • sales and support services for all Kotem software products anywhere in the United States.
  • Highly qualified personnel for 3D tolerance analysis, GD&T consulting, mechanical drafting, and metrology.
An objective of Validate-3D, LLC is to employ only the best people who are known to be experts in their respective fields.

Validate-3D, LLC currently employs four tolerance analysts, three ASME Senior level certified Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Professionals (GDTP), three mechanical drafters, and also one metrology technician. We are uniquely qualified to screen, evaluate and employ personnel who can provide your company with these services.

Validate-3D, LLC provides mechanical design services using Solidworks CAD, Mechanical drafting services using Solidworks or Creo Elements Direct & Annotation, GD&T consulting and training services, 3D tolerance analysis services, dimensional measurement data analysis and reporting services, and sales and support of Kotem software.